Keren Hayesod - United Israel Appeal has, for over 90 years, empowered the State of Israel and the Jewish people.  Through its global network, Keren Hayesod raises much-needed charitable donations to support a myriad of programs and projects operated through its partner, the Jewish Agency for Israel.
Keren Hayesod places special emphasis on advancing weaker populations, closing the economic and educational gap and assisting in the immigration and absorption of immigrants from around the world - most notably and recently refugees from countries of distress, and particularly Ethiopia.
During their stay at the Nurit Absorption Center the Ethiopian new immigrants participate in many special programs and activities. The seniors' club enables the older immigrants to revitalize and preserve their traditions, while younger immigrants may join Israeli cooking classes as well as workshops on employment, health and safety, relationships and parenting.

Extraordinary efforts are aimed at the integration of children at the Nurit Absorption Center.  These children, new in a strange land, having to cope with a new language and a different culture, are closely mentored in a program created for their specific needs, enjoy summer camps, and a variety of afterschool activities and treatments (which include animal and gardening therapy).  One of the highlights of the center is preparing the children for their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs as they approach the right age - a major event at Nurit.

Of all the things that the Nurit Center provides to the refugees, the most important is helping them gain the self-esteem and confidence to connect with and integrate into Israeli society. Tali Yakovian, who runs the Nurit Center says: "These humble people ask for nothing more than to be accepted into their new life with new friends and family," and "Each child only needs one person to believe in them and they will succeed."